EverGreen - The Right Choice for Your Employment Needs!

We act as a bridge between the Employers and Employees to fulfill their
employment requirement on necessitate.

Permanent Staffing

assignments are those when you look to hire people on your payroll on a permanent basis.

Contract Staffing

takes place when a person is on our payroll but works out of your office.

Temporary Staffing

for short time periods in order to enable you to cope with extra work loads, people on leave...

What we can arrange for you?


We help Branded Companies in Gathering the entire Targeted crowd in a Single place in a day and to conduct the Interviews for them in huge levels.

Campus Recruitment

Many companies do not have the time neither have contacts to do campus hiring. We have put in a specialized team to undertake campus recruitment.

Job Fair

We connect talented people with respected companies. We are organizing this JOB FAIR event in Colleges & Universities.


We trains candidates on the required and then send for the Interview. We train candidates according to the Companies specific requirements.